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Chemical Peels

Physician-strength chemical peels help smooth the texture of the skin, soften fine lines, even skin tone, improve acne, and restore a healthy vibrant glow. Let Dr. Leonora López and the aestheticians at Santa Ana Skin Care Clinic in Santa Fe, New Mexico help rejuvenate your skin. Call today for your free consultation and skin analysis at (505) 954-4422 or request a consultation online.

Pumpkin Peel

Pumpkin offers more than 100 beneficial nutrients, including the highest concentration of A, C and beta carotene. The Pumpkin Peel exfoliates and draws impurities out while introducing vitamins, enzymes, and nutrients into the skin.

PCA Peel

Brighten, lighten, tighten, and even out the overall skin tone by shredding dull surface layers. This peel is available in three formulas that help repair and reduce breakouts, control oil, soften lines and provide smooth and radiant texture.


Soften, smooth, plump, and hydrate your skin! This is the perfect treatment for menopausal and aging skin. A soothing retinal cream stimulates further exfoliation and provides regenerative and hydrating properties.

Esthetique Peel

This treatment is great for Baby Boomers. It delivers polyphenols, antioxidants, vitamins, and humectants into the skin, while improving the texture of your skin.

Sensi Peel

Formulated for extremely sensitive skin types. Your skin will feel soft and hydrated due to meadow foam oil, an essential fatty acid.

Glycolic Peels

These glycolic rejuvenating peels range in concentration from 30% to 70% of non-neutralized glycolic acid for visible results with little to no down time. This peel will resurface the skin to reveal smoother, younger looking skin and help improve texture and pigmentation.

The Obagi® Blue Peel

This peel is excellent for tightening skin and reversing skin laxity. In addition, it produces a mild amount of skin leveling for correcting certain stretchable deeper wrinkles and scars. The Obagi® Blue Peel is our most extensive peel and is performed under the supervision of Dr. López exclusively.

The Obagi® Blue Peel RADIANCE

This quick and easy Salycilic Acid-based facial chemical peel is good for all skin types as it exfoliates and helps improve overall complexion.  Improvements include a range of of skin concerns, including photo damage, and results in overall improvement in texture and tone.