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August 2014 Specials

Summer is coming to end, so take advantage of any remaining downtime with these special offers!  Please call our office at (505) 954-4422 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Lopez, Karmella or Shunay!  Also, please note that we will be out of the office on Thursday, August 7 for advanced training in Obagi skin care products.

Treatment Specials:
--Juvederm.  This month, we are offering a great deal to treat your lips and lines!  With this outstanding offer, buy three syringes of Juvederm for $1400 to achieve a youthful, rested look.  In addition to this fabulous deal, you will also receive double Brilliant Distinction points, which automatically equates to $120 OFF a future treatment!  (*Double points expire 12/31/14)

--Botox Wednesdays.  Every Wednesday in August, get your Botox with Dr. Lopez for only $12.75 per unit.  Not only will you receive great savings on your treatment, you will get double Brilliant Distinction points, which will give you a bigger discount on your next Botox treatment.  If you want to keep your price per unit at $12.75, simply keep your next booked Botox appointment within four months and let us know that you want to be a SASC VIP!

--Botox Refer-A-Friend.  Botox is a hot commodity!  Share your beauty secrets with your best friend now through October 31 and your BFF can have a Botox treatment with Dr. Lopez for only a $100 injector fee!  This phenomenal deal is only for patients that are new to the Brilliant Distinctions program.

--TruSculpt.  With the holiday season quickly approaching, be ready for the parties with sleek curves and sexy contours using our TruSculpt treatment.  This device combines radio frequency with heat to target those hard-to-tone areas on your body.  During August, try a package of three treatments for $1500!  

--Ultherapy.  Small lines around the lips is a main factor in the appearance of aging.  If you are looking for an alternative to dermal fillers around the mouth, Ultherapy is your answer.  You can achieve a more youthful look with this non-invasive ultrasound technique.  During August, this treatment is only $500 and results can last for up to two years!

Laser Specials:
--Foto Facial.  Do you have brown spots on your hands or face from years of sun exposure?  We have the perfect laser for you!  Foto Facial, also known as IPL, is a quick fix for most sun exposure issues.  This treatment is ideal for reversing sun damage and diminishing small facial veins and redness.  Single treatments are normally $550 for face or $200 for hands, but this month we are reducing single treatment prices to $450 for face and $150 for hands!!!

--Laser Hair Removal.  Laser Hair removal for underarms, lip or chin are now being offered during August for only $250 for a series of five treatments!  If you have never tried laser hair reduction, now is the time to treat a small area for a small price!

Product Specials:
--Obagi Clenziderm.  Get back to school ready with the Obagi Clenziderm Acne kits, which are not only highly effective, but also easy to use!  Each kit comes with a gentle cleanser, a calming moisturizer and a tube of one of our favorite products, the Therapeutic Lotion!  This product delivers medication deep into the pores where acne starts and helps clear acne quickly.  Normally $143, this kit is on sale for $100

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*Certain restrictions apply, including $100 injector fee for new Botox Cosmetic patients.